The English Tutor Promise...

We live in a time of extreme competitiveness which we have to assume will be escalating. Parents everywhere share a common universal aim to equip their children to handle a future they cannot fully grasp.

At English Tutor, we offer to elevate ever slightly the monumental burden of parenthood. 

We commit to parents the following services that we believe will give an immediate advantage to all their child's future endeavour.

  • An affordable English Program that is accessible to all with a certificate that is instantly recognized internationally. 


                          Our parents pay a monthly tuition fees of RM 85.00 for their children.

                          Our students are registered to sit and obtain the University of Cambridge ESOL Certificate.

                          Our students are promised an English learning experience that instills the beginning of a life long love for the language.

Contact us at today to begin your child's journey towards holding a lifelong certification for excellence in English. 

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Our Academic Calendar 2015 

We are pleased to announce that the Academic Calendar for English Tutor Programs in 2015  has been finalized. 

Please register early to get the most of your English Tutor Program.